The $YAW Token
The $YAW token is our platform-native utility token which can be used to cover any transaction fees. In the future, $YAW will be required for B2B automated escrow services for DAOs, gaming platforms, and metaverse projects (we're already in discussion with a few big projects).
The $YAW tokens are a tradable cryptocurrency with a fixed supply of 300,000,000.
After our IDO, the token will be tradable on decentralized exchanges like Raydium and Serum.

$YAW Tokenomics

The initial release of $YAW through IDO and airdrops to NFT holders equates to 8.8% of total supply. Over 50% of the remaining supply will be incrementally released to Yawww NFT holders through a staking mechanism over a 24-month vesting period. From the investors & advisors pool, 0.07% will be released after the public sale event and the 3.26% of remaining $YAW tokens are held in a 2-year lockup period.
The team share has a 3 month cliff and starts vesting over the course of 2-years. Token Generation Event = Liquidity Pools (1.67%) + NFT Holder Airdrops (6.3%) + Public Sale (2.5%) + Investor & Advisor Initial Release (0.07%) = 10.54% of Total Supply. This means that the circulating market cap at the Token Generation Event (TGE) will be $6.317 million.

$YAW Allocation for Quantum Traders & Solsteins

Initial circulation will be distributed via the "Seed Investor" (NFT holder) airdrop, Yawww Treasury Liquidity Provision, and public sale (IDO).

Average $YAW cost for Yawww NFT holders based on mint price:

SolSteins (Airdrop + Avg. Yield) = ~16.8k $YAW ($0.006 per $YAW @ 0.5 SOL mint)
Quantum Traders (Airdrop + Avg. Yield) = ~16k $YAW ($0.025 per $YAW @ 2 SOL mint)
Please note that the Average $YAW Yield above is considering total yield over the 24-month vesting period. The $YAW airdropped tokens to the Solstein and Quantum Trader holders will have a 30-day vesting period. For more details, see $YAW Airdrop for Yawww NFT Holders.

A Token Backed by Platform Revenue

The risk with many existing tokens is that their value is not backed by any real asset or revenue stream. The result is that when a downturn in the market occurs, liquidity dries up –– frequently causing a startling collapse for weaker, unbacked tokens.
Since we hold a long-term vision for this industry in general (and for our platform in particular), it’s vital for us to launch an instrument that gives confidence to supporters.
Therefore, we have programmed into the smart contract that 50% of all platform transaction fees go to the Yawww Treasury. Additionally, 50% of all royalties on secondary market sales for SolSteins and Quantum Traders will be directed to the Treasury.

The Yawww Treasury and Reserve

After conducting extensive market research, we have determined that a 50/50 split on platform revenue sharing between the Yawww Treasury and the Yawww team is the best ratio for: (a) funding the current team + expansion; and (b) increasing the value of $YAW for the entire community, investors, and supporters.
The Treasury (funded by 50% of platform revenue + 50% of NFT royalties) will indirectly back $YAW’s value by providing continuous demand and liquidity through buybacks and burns. The Treasury may also at times sponsor exclusive tournaments for Yawww NFT holders.
The Treasury's primary mode of providing market liquidity will be through staking $YAW/SOL and $YAW/USDC pairs on decentralized exchanges, thus earning APY and additional revenue for the Treasury. Treasury funds may also be used to make deposits at the Yawww Reserve.
The Yawww Reserve provides an additional layer of stability and support for $YAW through a stablecoin backing for the token.
This is accomplished via a bonding system, in which investors can acquire $YAW at discounted rates in return for providing stablecoin deposits to the Reserve. In this way, the Reserve will function as a supply and price control module backed by real assets.

The Bottom Line:

As the central currency to the platform, the $YAW token will be backed by both a revenue stream (Yawww Treasury / platform fees) as well as real assets (Yawww Reserve / stablecoins).
The utility of the $YAW token covers all fees and functionality on the Yawww platform. Additionally, there will be some premium features that are payable exclusively in $YAW (i.e., $SOL / $USDC won't be accepted). Some of these future utility and features include:
  • Hosting private tournaments/competitions on Yawww ($YAW fee dependent on number of contestants)
  • Integrating & using our API in other platforms (e.g., blockchain games wanting to include a P2P trading or PVP staking system)
  • The Yawww Auction House where anyone can list an NFT to start a bidding war with a set time frame (more $YAW = more time on auction)
  • B2B Services & Tools all paid in $YAW (escrow, launchpad, merch by Yawww, Staking as a Service)
As the platform itself grows in volume and features (along with the entire Sol NFT ecosystem), so will the utility and value of $YAW.